Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi lovelies,
I feel really angry as I type this message, I have put on a whole 5kg, and it's actually visible. Everyone seems to think it's okay, but I'm soooooo pissed.

My job has taken a whole new dimension, as I have to leave for work by 6am and return after 7pm. My work encourages a highly sedentary lifestyle and it's telling on me. I have put on a whole whooping 5kg.

I have been a morning workout person for about 2yrs now, But for this reason have to change to an evening workout person. So I have decided to start a weekly timetable online, for those who are interested in doing this with me. Switching my routines to evenings would be really strange and tasking, but I really need the encouragement from you guys. So if you are ready to do this with me, we can do it together.

I'll put up the routines for the week every Saturday evening. The weekly routines will start every Sunday beginning from the 1st of June 2014. I'll be starting small with the workout and mealplan. I am making this free for all interested so we can inspire each other.

I know we'll lose this weight... *fingers crossed*


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