Monday, June 2, 2014


Hi lovelies,
I hope the LOSE 5KG IN 5 WEEKS program is going well for you, we are on day 2 and I received some mails asking me to explain the veggie lunch for today. Well, I decided to import this post from my IG page. It's actually a NO OIL VERSION of a previous post I have done (without the meat too). For more on how to make this meal, please keep reading.


The ingredients pictured were divided into 2 to make one serving, except for the spinach. I used the whole spinach in the pic. 

1.  Spinach (exact quantity in the picture)
2.  Green pepper 
3.  Carrots 
4.  Green peas. 
5.  Green beans
6.  Cabbage ( 1 table spoon of sliced cabbage)
7.   Red pepper (3 small pieces)
8.   Onions (half a medium sized ball)
9.   Seasoning ( a pinch of curry powder, half a cube of seasoning and 2 pinches of salt).

1.   Slice/dice all the ingredients carefully and place in different bowls.
2.   Pour about a quarter glass of water into a pot on the lit cooker.
3.   Pour in the red pepper, green pepper, peas, beans and seasoning into the boiling water.
4.   Allow it to boil for 1 minute, then add the carrots and onions.
5.   Allow to boil for another minute too (the water should be almost dry by now, but not completely)
6.   Pour in the spinach now, and stir till the water dries out.
7.   Turn of the cooker, and pour in the cabbage. Stir till it's uniformly distributed.

...Your veggie lunch is served (without the apple though). The rest of it (about 3 heaped tablespoons was remaining in the pot, though I ate it as a second helping).

I hope your day 2 of this weightloss program goes smoothly. Tell me all about it in the comment box.

Bye ya


  1. This is a bit extreme. Unless of course one eats maybe 2-3 portions of this "meal" between 12noon and 4.30. Personally i lost a lot of weight. I went from a UK 14 to b10. I didnt starve myself, i just did everything in a decent proportion. Like this meal now, i'd add a serving spoon of rice and chicken thigh. Food is sweeeet! please don't totally deprive yourself of this wonderful gift from God. PS dem no dey chop for grave!

  2. Ihi Jade, thanks for viewing my blog, I don't starve myself either, and today is a purely veggie day in the meal plan, hence the none addition of rice and chicken. I personally don't eat large portions, and I loveeeeee my flat But veggies aren't fattening so I encourage people to eat loads of them. The portion in my veggie lunch can be eaten 2ce or thrice, but personally, I hate being over stuffed, so I eat in bits but as many times as I feel hungry. Thanks for viewing my blog.

  3. Hi Jade, STARVATION IS NOT GOOD OH. I don't advice anyone to starve. This meal is pretty heavy, if you try it, you'll see. I personally don't like feeling heavy, so I eat in tiny morsels, and eat as many times as I feel hungry. This helps if you want a flat tummy too. I lost 52kg (a size 20 to an 8)and I didn't starve or have health complications. I was eating 1200cals a day and I stayed off processed foods, and refined sugar. This meal is intended as a purely veggie meal, for a total cleansing of your system (the first 3 days of the mealplan are all about detoxing).

  4. Hello bubu,
    Not easy but going on well, started yesterday being Monday. ..I ate apples this morning instead of irish potatoes bcos I hate potatoes and can't stand the smell. .thanks for the motivation darling

  5. Hi Nomso, it's okay to substitute the meals, although I would have preferred a veggie substitute, since it was a veggie day, but it's okay. I'm happy you are a part of this. I hope you climbed a scale before you started this program. Hang in there, and we'll see results when we check our weights on Sunday morning. Love, Bubzille.