Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hi lovelies,
It's the third week, can't wait to jump on the scale tomorrow morning. Here is the meal plan and workout routine for the week. 

View the routines after the cut...

Be sure to do your flexibility routines after your workout routines

30 minutes of soft jogging
800 jumpropes (can be broken down into groups of 50 or 100)
30 high knees 
40 sit-ups 
20 minutes dance aerobics
Be sure to join in the Bubzille's daily or weekly workout challenges.

Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily

Breakfast:   2 handfuls of muesli and 1 spoon of skimmed milk
Snack:   Limewater and 2 packs of Kemps crackers
Lunch:   2 fistfuls of boiled white/brown rice and vegetable salad
Snack:   A handful of mixed nuts
Dinner:   1 small soup bowl of Fish pepper soup without oil

MONDAY (all fruits except banana) By the end of the day, you should have taken an equivalent of:
Breakfast:  4 Apples
Snack:   3 oranges
Lunch:   1/2 medium sized water melon
Snack:   3 plums
Dinner:  1/2 medium sized water melon

TUESDAY:  (all veggies, any leafy veggie can be used, but be sure to eat one potato in the morning for energy)
Breakfast:  one boiled potato
Snack:   6 garden eggs
Lunch:   Bubzille veggie meal
Snack:  5 carrots
Dinner:  coleslaw and lemon juice dressing ( no cream or mayonnaise allowed)

WEDNESDAY:( Fruits and veggies, no potatoes allowed)
Breakfast:  A small bowl of fruit salad (you can use any fruit, but no banana or avocado pear)
Snack:   more fruit salad
Lunch:   Veggie salad (any vegetable can be used here)
Snack:   3 apples 2 plums
Dinner:   Bubzille's creamy double delight smoothie

THURSDAY:  (healthy carbs and fruits)
Breakfast:  Bubzille's fruity oatmeal recipe
Snack:  3 bananas
Lunch:   2 handfuls of muesli and 1 spoon of skimmed milk
Snack:   2 bananas
Dinner:  1/2 medium sized water melon

FRIDAY (protein and vegetables)
Breakfast:   A handful of Boiled beans and minimal salt
Snack:     5 carrots
Lunch:     Vegetable salad and 1 boiled egg
Snack:     5 tomatoes/5 garden eggs
Dinner:    Chicken salad

Breakfast:   1 slice of whole oat Bread and 1 boiled egg + 1 banana and 1 apple smoothie
Snack:     Popcorn (no sugar or butter)
Lunch:     1 chicken drumstick (boiled) and lemon water
Snack:     Microwave potato chips (1 potato no oil)
Dinner:     Vegetable salad

Can't type more, I'm sleepy right now.



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