Saturday, June 21, 2014

LOSE 5kg in 5 weeks : WEEK 4

Hi lovelies,
Welcome to the 4th week of our weightloss programme, I hope it's been going well. 
This week is all about vegetables for dinner. Sorry I didn't bring the grocery list out. Hope it doesn't disturb you much. You have 1 cheat meal this week. Cheat wisely oh.
The workout routines this week are basically muscle toning routines. I'll release the workout routines daily, cos I'll be increasing them daily. 

1st day Workout Routines

100 jump ropes 
5 push-ups
20 squats
20 lunges
20 sit-ups
20 seconds wallsits
40 seconds jumping jacks
20 seconds wallsits
20 sit-ups
20 lunges
20 squats
5 push-ups
100 jump ropes
30 minutes of jogging should be done daily too
These should be done at a stretch. Have fun, stay hydrated.


Breakfast:    Whole-wheat toast (1 slice), Skim milk (1 cup), 2 oranges.
Lunch:          Beans (salted, without oil), Apple(1 small)
Snack:          Popcorn and lime water
Dinner:         Vegetable salad

Breakfast:      2 handfuls of oats and a spoon of skimmed milk, with a handful of groundnuts
Lunch:           1/4 small watermelon and 1 boiled egg
Snack:           2 oranges, 1 apple
Dinner:          1 cucumber, 5 carrots and lettuce (can be mixed or eaten separately).

Breakfast:     1 banana, 1 apple and 1 lime smoothie
Lunch:           2 handfuls of Muesli and 1 spoon of skimmed milk
Snack:           6 garden eggs and a handful of groundnuts
Dinner:          Coleslaw (without dressing)

Breakfast:      A handful of rice and a slice of boiled fish.
Lunch:           1/2 a medium sized pineapple
Snack:           5 Grated carrots and 3 sweet grapes (mixed)
Dinner:          Bubzille Veggie Meal

Breakfast:     2 handfuls of whole bran cereal (check the pack for ingredients before you buy), 1 spoon of skimmed milk.
Lunch:          1 cheat meal of your choice (must be 400 calories or below)
Snack:          1/4 medium sized watermelon
Dinner:          Vegetable salad 

Breakfast:   1 slice of Oat bread sandwich (sandwich should consist of any veggies of your choice)
Lunch:        Mango and grape smoothie ( sample pic on my InstaGram page)
Snack:       1 boiled/roasted corn
Dinner:       Any leafy vegetables of your choice.

Breakfast:  1 handful of oats, 1 handful of muesli and 1 spoon of skimmed milk
Lunch:        A bowl of fruit salad
Snack:        2 apples and limewater
Dinner:       vegetable salad and a small piece of boiled chicken 

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