Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hi everyone,
I have decided to upload steady and regular tips as they have worked and are still working for me. I may be doing a lot of these posts from work, so they'll be brief and precise, though explanatory.
This is my first of many posts to come, and I hope to read your comments in the box below. 

As someone who has lost a lot of weight (52kg to be exact), I have had my share of weightloss and diet fluctuations, and I have decided to just chill, live and eat healthy. I workout for 30 minutes minimum daily, sometimes more but never less. So I will be dropping healthy feeding tips which I have tagged "MUNCHING WITH BUBZILLE". 

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MUNCHING WITH BUBZILLE isn't a short term life change, but a long term one. These feeding tips are intended for long term lifestyle modification and I don't know how many they'll be in all but I know they are easy to follow and they'll help you plan a diet in the long run. They help sustainable weightloss, and if you have ever been on a crash diet, they help you ease out of your crash diet and into a regular, healthy lifestyle. 

Well, I hope I have introduced MUNCHING WITH BUBZILLE well enough. If I haven't please feel free to ask all questions in the comments box below or send me an email. Let's go to our first ever MUNCHING WITH BUBZILLE tip.


Every class of food was made to add certain nutrients to the body for different purposes. Shutting down a particular food class, is one sure way to create a craving. Your body starts itching for some of that food, if you succeed in making your body adjust to not eating that food, you'll create a deficiency that could harm your health. (Please note that I am referring to unprocessed natural foods like rice, beans, nuts, fish, fruits, veggies etc).

Moderation is the key. As Long as it's unprocessed and natural, it can be eaten with moderation. For instance, I love groundnuts, and intend to go overboard with it, but I have decided to limit my groundnuts to a handful a day because it has as much as 3-5 calories per nut (I used to have as much as a mugful of groundnuts at once). Same can go for every other meal you enjoy that's high in calories.

I also used to binge on bananas and I could eat a bunch at once ( under the "it's healthy" clause), but I have decided to limit it to 4fingers per day if I must eat it (a banana contains as much as 80-135 calories depending on the size) so I can get to eat other kinds of food I love. 

Your food plate should be filled 1/2 fruits and veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 whole grains. I eat my healthy fats (like avocado, cashew nuts, almond nuts etc) with my breakfast only.

I hope I have encouraged you to eat healthy unprocessed food and also not to ban any particular class of food. Be sure to stay hydrated too (maybe that's a post for another day). I drink water before and during a meal, but I don't drink after (no real reason, just personal preference).

Till my next post, stay health, fit and fashionable.



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