Monday, July 28, 2014


Hi lovelies,

It's a wonder how my subscription is still on, I thought it would be off by now. Anyway thanks to my service provider (won't call their name before they will remember me now... Lol). I have been experiencing major drama from my blog, via emails, texts and phone calls, and I have decided to share one of these stories with you guys, so you can help me out.

First things first, allow me to give you the story:

I was introduced to a lady(name withheld) by a good friend(name also witheld) of mine, who told me that the lady wanted to lose some weight. As usual I asked him to give the lady my number so we could get talking. He did and she called, after the first few phone calls, I gathered that she wanted a personal life modification coach (A lifestyle modification coach works one on one with you to help you modify your behaviors so that you are successful in reaching weightloss/fitness goals). 

She wanted personalized plans and routines tailored to suit her, and my presence from time to time (pls bear in mind that we live in different states). I said It would cost her some money because I have a job, since it would put a strain on my work and I would spend time planning specific routines to suit her age, gender, work and home schedules etc and traveling and all. Besides it's part of the services I offer on sale. She said she didn't have the money, so I advised her to come to my blog, where I have free plans (workout and meal plans) THAT WORK even though they aren't tailored specifically per individual, but they are tailored to suit certain age limits. Besides the fun of doing the plans on my blog and sharing your experience in the comment box with others who are in it with you would keep you going. 

The next 2 times she called me I was at work and I couldn't answer my phone. When I got off work, I called back and she didn't pick my calls, I assumed, she would see the missed calls and get back to me, but I didn't hear from her again. I figured she had either changed her mind about wanting to lose the weight or she had found some other person who could help.

Few days later, my friend called me to ask me if I had any trouble with the lady he introduced me to, and I said no, just that I hadn't heard from her in a while. Then he told me she was angry, and she said she would do it alone since I was only after the money and I refused to help her. Whoa! I was shocked, I get a minimum of about 10 emails a day of people I help in their weightloss journey without asking for anything, the info on my blog is also FREE, and trust me when I say everything I put on my blog is a product of research that has been tested and tried on myself and my personal opinion and experience. I only charge money for Bubzille Services (Showing on the right side of my blog page). Every other information and plan I give for FREE. 

Well, after this period, I was angry, but more hurt because I felt as though my personality and genuiness had been questioned. My friend says I shouldn't be pissed off, that people would always attack and i shouldn't let it bother me. I'll try my best though, cos what i really want to do is help people out, seeing as I've been through the whole weightloss thing and I know it helps to have someone who knows what you're going through and whose experience can help you with yours. 
I wish her all the luck, and I really pray she loses the weight, because that's what I'm all about (helping people feel and look their best).

Anyway that's all for now. Please oh, have I done anything wrong? 


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