Monday, July 7, 2014


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Here's another Munching With Bubzille tip. This post will be brief, because it's pretty self-explanatory. Sweeping out the flour from your meals will go a long way to kick starting your long or short term weightloss goals.

Flour is a major ingredient in a lot of unhealthy foods. Continue...
Do you know that many of the good things that were originally in fresh corn, have been stripped out of the flour during refinement? When refined flour is used in making pastries, ingredients like sugar, butter, and a lot of unhealthy stuff like chemicals and preservatives have been added. Studies have shown that the average American eats enough extra calories (mostly through refined carbs) to add three pounds of body fat per month to their weight.

Carbs aren't bad (you can see why in my last #MWB post), but personally I think carbs should come from unrefined sources, like fresh corn, fresh wheat, fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Not from something that’s been processed, bleached, and treated with synthetic nutrients. 

Instead of using refined flour, you can eat fresh healthy corn, boiled, or roasted). It may be difficult to kick the flour habit, but trust me, you can start with baby steps. Kick the pastries, no more stopping by that shop that sells doughnut, meat pies, flour rolls etc. Next swap out dishes that include refined flour for other healthier dishes. 

It may take some time, but be sure that kicking out flour not only reduces inches around your waistline, but it also brings about a healthy weightloss in the long run.

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