Monday, August 11, 2014


I've been very busy, and I almost haven't had time to cook new meals (I've been eating most of them raw or just my same old boring meals). I decided to use my Greek yoghurt to churn out a fruity recipe. It's very easy to prepare and it really needs no particular kitchen expertise (apart from the use of your knives though). It's very filling, and I had it for lunch on Sunday. Try it out and send your pictures to or upload on Instagram and tag @Bubzille.

To see how I made it, please keep reading...

1.  1medium sized pear - 100 calories
2. 1 medium sized apple- 80 calories

3.  2 small sized plums - 40 calories

4. 3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt (preferably homemade) - 60 calories

TOTAL CALORIES - Approx 280 calories

1. Refrigerate all fruits for about 30 mins, then dice into different bowls.
2. Make sure the yoghurt is frozen, so that it can be scooped.
3. Layer into your fruit glassware according to personal preference. (I layered mine in this order : Pear, plum, yoghurt, apple, plum, yoghurt, pear, apple, plum, yoghurt).
Your FRUI-YO is ready for consumption. 

It not only looks yummy, but it tastes even nicer than it looks. Have fun trying this out.

Till my next post,

Stay healthy, fit and fashionable.



  1. Hi Bubzille. . . I don't know where I can get plums from. Can I substitute with something else?

  2. Plums are often sold by the same fruit vendors that sell apples and pears. You can substitute though.