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I remember going to the lingerie shop, and getting this really pretty pink and purple bra that had an underwire that gave me this really cool, full rack. I placed an order with the store, that I'll be back in a few weeks' time to pick up another one of the same size, but a pretty red coloured one. Time flew by and my "few weeks" became one month and a week. By the time if came back, I was 10kg lighter and when they brought the new bra out, it didn't really fit as snugly as the previous one did, and so I had to do a quick size adjustment, I found out that my bra size had changed and I had to shop for new ones in a different size.

In my weightloss journey, I have worn about 3-4 different bra sizes, and this has opened my eyes to bra sizes and how to choose the right one. I have seen women wearing bras with major "spillage" at the top and sides, or straps that bruise the shoulders, or the hook part behind being loose and so it climbs high up close to the shoulders behind. If you have experienced any of these, then they are signs that you need a bra change. Learn to have the perfect rack without surgery.

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Please note that I'm not a bra expert oh and I'm not claiming to be one, I'm just sharing tips that helped me with my bra size changes and I think they can help you too.


This is for bras with underwires (the metal thing beneath each bra cup). The perfect underwire should be flat against your skin, not moving around and it shouldn't poke your underarm. If it pokes your underarm, opt for a smaller cup size.
The Gore is the tiny joining (usually in front) of the 2 bra cups. This should also lie flat against your skin, without rising up towards your chest when you move around. When you go shopping and you try it on, don't just wear the bra standing up, move around, raise your arm above your head, and then bend over. If the gore doesn't move around, then you got the right one.


The straps aren't functioning alone, and so the weight of the breasts shouldn't solely rest on them. Your cup and band should take care of the bra fit and lift, even for the busty girls. The strap is just additional support. It shouldn't dig into your shoulders (I learnt this fact too late, My straps cut me when I weighed 100+) or even slip off your shoulders. 
If they slip off it even after adjusting to it firmest setting, it means they are wide set  it may not be the right style for your body frame(this is most common with petite ladies) so change it. If it digs in even after adjusting it, it could mean that the "load" is resting solely on it, so get another bra.

#3:   BRA BAND

The bra band behind should lie at the middle of your back, parallel to your shoulder blades. It shouldn't dig into your skin and give you marks or move higher up your back. If it gives you marks, then opt for a bigger band size (the band size is the number on the bra e.g 32DD, the band size would be 32). 
If it rides up your back, then it's too loose, opt for a smaller band size.


This one was a major problem for me. When you wear a bra, your boobies shouldn't spill out and bulge at the top or the side by your armpits. People confuse a bulge for cleavage showing and they are two different things. The cleavage showing is sexy and feminine while the bulge is trashy, uncomfortable and unappealing.

 The simple test is to wear a fitted white body hugging top when you go bra shopping. When you wear the bra, if there's a bulge, it would stick out in the middle of your chest almost like a miniature third boob and it would feel lumpy too. If you see this, it's a sign that you need a bigger cup size.
Note: if you try the bra on and there's still room in the cup, then you need a smaller cup size.

#5:    LOOK GOOD

It should LOOK GOOD when you put it on (with or without clothes on). Your bra shouldn't push ur breasts far apart, or too close together like a "Uni-boob". Examine it from all angles in a mirror to be sure it looks good before you go to the cashier to pay.

You'll be amazed at how much better you'll look and feel with the right bra for you. Try these tips and I hope all your bras pass the test.

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