Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hi lovelies,

This is still BEAUTY WEEK, and I have a BEAUTY TRICK For you. Be sure to try it out, it may seem little, but trust me, it works.
This beauty hack is all about getting the matte look for your lip. Matte lipsticks have no shine or shimmer. They typically have better staying than other types of lipsticks. So if you have a glossy lipstick and a matching colour of blush, you don't need to go and get a matte lipstick of the same colour, you can use this simple trick to get the matte look. I should have taken a picture before I did the matte trick, guess I forgot (I may take a picture with my lipstick alone and upload later).

Simply apply your coloured glossy lipstick, then get out your matching coloured blush (the lipstick and the blush should be of the same colour and shade). Tap your blush with your index finger and tap your lip to fill in the colour all round your lip (you don't need to rub, just tap). Try this out and watch your lips transform from glossy to matte.

See how mine turned out...

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