Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi lovelies,

This recipe is my version of the regular egg-plant sauce. I decided to use zero oil, and all ingredients here are totally vegan. This sauce can be eaten alone, or with staples like rice, yam, boiled or roasted plantain, garden eggs, chicken, fish, etc. Please note that the list of ingredients made the serving size in the picture below.

To see how to prepare this, please keep reading...


1 tomato - 16 calories
3 yellow peppers - 45 calories
1 small onions - 24 calories
Cube seasoning
6 garden eggs - 84 calories
TOTAL CALORIE COUNT - Approx 170 calories

1.  Wash the garden eggs and peel off the skin.
2.  Slice the garden eggs into small pieces and boil till it's soft and less sour to taste.
3.  Pour about 5cl of water into another pot/pan and place on a lit cooker
4.  Slice the onions, tomato and pepper (you may not use all the pepper though, use according to your taste) and pour into the steaming pot/pan.

5.  Add salt, 1/2 cube seasoning and a pinch of curry powder (amount of seasoning could vary to your taste).
6.  Add boiled garden eggs to the pot/pan containing the spiced vegetables.
7.  Add about 5cl of water and leave to boil (taste the food for additional spice or salt).
8.  As the water dries, stir the garden egg mixture continuously till the water dries.
Serve alone or with whatever meal that suits you.

Enjoy your dish, email me a pic when you make yours.


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