Monday, September 1, 2014


Hello everyone,

HAPPY NEW MONTH! (I just had to do that in Welcome to September everyone, I really hope your August rocked, and if it didn't, make a plan to make sure September rocks. I started something last month, where I put up my blog schedule at the beginning of the month, so that you'll have an idea of what's in store for this month.  Be sure to read this post to the end, cos there are a lot of fun stuff stored up for the month.

This month is going to be fun packed, see the schedule in details after the cut...
I'll be running a SEPTEMBER WEIGHTLOSS GIVEAWAY (it was original supposed to be a fitness giveaway, but I changed it to weightloss) for interested persons, in addition to all the other things I'll be blogging about. The giveaway will run for the whole month.

Let's discuss the whole monthly schedule in detail:



This month, we'll be doing a fitness giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will be judged based on the weightloss transformation. The difference won't be so much, but it sure would be there (so don't expect to be skinny in one month oh), your picture won't be aired without your consent, and even then I wouldn't show your face if you don't want me to. I won't be giving out any MealPlans or workout plans, so you will have to do this on your own. The prices to be won include a skipping rope with an automatic counter, and a set of dumbells or the naira equivalent of both, I know it's little, and if I get sponsors, I'll be sure to up the
To participate, simply: 

*   Follow the blog,
*.  Indicate your interest in the comments section of this post
*.  Send a full-length picture of you to The picture should be of you wearing something fitted or baring your midriff if you can (this would help me judge the before and after photos), holding the #SFG hashtag and today's date. This picture should be sent in on or before tomorrow night.
*.   On the last day of the month, send in your second and final pic, you should be wearing the same outfit you wore in the first pic, but the hashtag you would hold would bear the date of the last day of the month.

(If there are anymore requirements, they would be communicated to you via the blog, facebook page, titter, or my Instagram account. This giveaway is only available to BCB readers in Nigeria)



This would be from the 1st of this month to the 7th. I'll be sharing some non-conventional beauty tips and tricks on makeup, skin care and hair. Be sure to stay tuned


Fashion week would run from 8th - 14th of this month. This week, we'll be looking at Fashionable clothings, Famous celebrity fashion trends, bridal fashion, Lingerie/underwear trends, Nigerian/African traditional outfits. This week is so going to be fun, if you have a trend you'd like us to discuss, simply send me a mail, Facebook message or a DM on twitter and I'll feature it in fashion week.


This week we'll have multiple workout routines/challenges aimed at working on different parts of our bodies like the thighs, arms, abs, shoulders etc. This would be from 15th - 21st September 2014.


This week which would be from 21st - 28th, would feature recipes and their calorie counts, expose on food and a meal preparation for the Whole30 which we discussed in our last BBM chat hangout.


Some of you may have already heard about the Whole30 program (we talked about it in the last chat hangout we had on BBM. It's a way to reorganize your taste buds, cravings and reset your body's digestive system. I was thinking of doing it next month (October), and using the last week and a half of September  to prep for it. It's all about determination and willpower. You can read it up here. I think it's something everyone should try out, and for those willing to try it, we can build our support system here and on BBM. Read up more about it here and tell me what you think. 

This is basically the routine for the month, if I add, remove or change anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

Till my next post, Stay healthy, fit and fashionable.

Happy new Month,


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