Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's one more day to go, and I'm super excited. I went to purchase a new digital scale for my weigh-in , but unfortunately, the POS machine gave a "transaction error message" and still debited me (still pissed). For those who haven't heard about the whole30, you can read about it here.
Anyway, let's prep for tomorrow. If you haven't got your scale yet, please do. You'll need it to weigh yourself first thing tomorrow morning to compare with the day 31 (a day after the programme). You'll also need a taperule to take your measurements first thing tomorrow morning for comparison on day31.

Let's talk about what we have on our Whole30 prep routine for today... Please keep reading


This is just an excerpt from the Whole30 website. Read the full version here

We take this rule very seriously, and you should too. There’s no faster way to sabotage your Whole30 than to subject yourself to weekly (or daily!) weigh-ins, but many participants find this rule the hardest of them all to follow. If you’ve been a slave to that $20 hunk of plastic, it’s time to set yourself free… at least for the next 30 days. Why are we so dead-set against tracking your “progress” based on body weight?

Ditch the Scale

Scale weight fluctuates wildly. 
Scale weight says nothing of health. 
The scale blinds you to real results. 
The scale maintains control of your self-esteem. 

Take Action!

  • Take your “before” photo and measurements for comparison on Day 31.
  • Get rid of your scale. Put it in the garage, tell your spouse to hide it, or throw it away.

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