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Hi lovelies, I'm totally taking the prepping for the whole30 serious. If you are just hearing about the whole 30 and you're wondering what it's about, you can visit their site here.

We are now on steps 3 and 4, and if you're just joining us, you can view steps 1 and 2 here. I have taken some excerpts from the whole30 official website, and we would use these guidelines to get ready for the program. Don't forget our start off date is 1st on October, so be sure to mark your calendar. Keep reading to join in the steps 3 and 4 stages...


We want you to commit to the program now, but that doesn’t mean starting right this minute. In the next step, we’re going to ask you to prepare for the Whole30 by cleaning out your pantry, grocery shopping, and doing some basic planning for the month.Don’t skip the planning process—habit research shows that when people get excited and jump from contemplation straight to action (skipping right over the “preparation” phase) they’re less likely to see the change through.
Choosing Your Start Date
Here are some general guidelines for choosing a start date:
  • Start as soon as you possibly can, given the amount of preparation time you need.
  • If you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, an international trip to an unfamiliar location, or a wedding (especially your own!) in your imminent future, consider starting the Whole30 after those events. Navigating the Whole30 for the first time under those conditions may prove extremely difficult, and we don’t want you to begin your program stressed out.
  • If you’ve got an important athletic event or an A-level race in the coming month, consider starting the program after your event is over, as your performance may suffer during the first few weeks of the program. (Hint: if you’re not getting paid for your performance, it’s not that important.)
  • If you’ve got a family dinner, a business lunch, or a bridal shower in your imminent future, 
  • consider it an opportunity to take your Whole30 skills out on the town! You’ll have to deal with lots of new situations during your program, so write these events into your plan for the month, but don’t let them push your Whole30 off.
  • Go Public! Once you’ve decided when you’re going to start… tell someone! Anyone! Everyone!
Read the full STEP FOUR from the website here.
For many of you, the Whole30 will be a radical lifestyle change—and that kind of change is hard when you’re going it alone. Finding the right support network will be critical to keeping you motivated, inspired, and accountable during your program. We’ve created a variety of ways to find the support you need:

Subscribe to the Whole30 Daily

Make Friends on the Forum

Connect on Social Media

Get Support at Home

Ideally, you’ll have the support of your family and friends at home during your program. (They don’t have to do the program with you—they just have to support your health efforts for the next 30 days.) Share the program and why you are choosing to embark upon this journey with those you care about. Make it personal—share your current struggles, your goals, and all of the ways you believe the program will make you healthier and happier. And don’t forget to ask for their support! Asking directly, “Can I count on you to support me for the next 30 days?” lets them know how important these efforts are to you, and how much you’d value their encouragement and help.
Finally, if you’re part of a gym, church, school, office, or other organization in your local community, see if you can find a Whole30 buddy (or an entire group!) to do the program with you. Having a local Whole30 network enhances your commitment to the program, and makes your journey more fun. 

Take Action!

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