Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hi lovelies,
We are officially in fashion week, and we kicked this week off with getting the perfect "rack". I started with that because I believe that fashion goes from the inside out. With the right bra, your clothes fit better and you look smarter and prettier.

The second post on Fashion week is for African, Nigerian ladies who need ideas for the "Big day". The traditional wedding in Nigeria is a colorful event (and I mean that literally). The makeup colours almost always take a cue from the colours of the wedding outfit. The clothes are matched not just according to style, but also the colour. From the Gele to the neck piece, hand fan, jewelry, blouse, wrapper or skirt, shoes and purse, you name it. All these accessories come in matching colours.

This post is intended to give you ideas for the style, colour and material you can combine for your wedding day. I'll be showing you pictures of Nigerian brides first, then their asoebi crew. Hope you enjoy them.


See more gorgeous pics after the cut...



Like I said, it's a very colorful event... Lol. Till my next post, stay healthy, fit and fashionable.


Disclaimer: please note that these pictures do not belong to me, and we're not taken by me. They are random pics taken off the internet and are intended for style inspiration only.

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  1. So gorgeous traditional Nigerian brides. I love all these photos a lot. Thanks a lot for sharing the details here. At the domestic wedding venues Chicago there was a colleague’s Nigerian themed ceremony and I loved each and everything over there. From decorations, to food and couple’s outfits everything was fabulous.