Thursday, October 2, 2014


I just did my whole30 #Day1 and it was awesome, but I guess they already predicted that in the timeline. The timeline is a documentation of people's feeling throughout the programme. It helps to know that what you're feeling isn't strange, and that others have felt the same way.

This post is about my fruit-stack (I'll do a veggie stack soon). I recently fell in love with food/fruit stacks. They appeal to me in a strangely delightful way. This post isn't really a recipe perse, but I guess I'll still put it up here.

To see how I made this, keep reading...

1 crescent shaped slice of medium sized watermelon
1 apple 
1/4 pear
1 plum

I divided the crescent shaped watermelon into 4 triangles.
I sliced the apple to get the widest "circles" and layered them on each watermelon slice.
Then I sliced the plum into four and layered that too
I cut the pear and leftover apple into small chip shapes and placed them crisscross on the stack.

Very easy to make. Do your fave fruit stacks and tag me in your pics on Instagram.

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