Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello everyone,

It's been a long month, a lot has happened, and some will be relayed here with pictures. Before I go on, I need a new service provider oh. Mine's so expensive and finishes faster than melting ice? Those in Nigeria, any ideas?

That being said, I have been thinking of doing more to help people out with WEIGHTLOSS and keeping  fit. I'm thankful to those on my Instagram page, because their steady views and comments have helped keep me on track (I noticed I gain weight when I am away from my Instagram page... Lol). I'll be holding some seminars this year (hopefully), based on the demand from BCB readers, Facebook, and Instagram friends. So if you want me to hold a Weightloss/fitness seminar in your area, just send a mail and we can work out the details. Keep reading to see our FEBRUARY GIG...

This year, we hope to hold our first Bubzille Walk For Health. It's free and it's just a health campaign for fitness enthusiasts. Help me put ideas together oh. I need you guys to make this work.

FEB FITNESS WITH BUBZILLE begins on February 1st. More info on this later...

I'll be relaying more ideas to you guys as soon as I can. Anyway, I have to get back to work. You can reach me on via all the contacts listed at the right side of this blog. 

Love you all...


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