Friday, August 7, 2015


Hi lovelies,

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. I haven't shared stuff on my hair journey with you in awhile, and so I have decided to do just that.

My hair is 1 year and 4 months old post-relaxer. This means I haven't relaxed my hair in over a year and although I am still learning about my African hair, I have decided to share my all time favorite hair (and skin) product which is COCONUT OIL. Please bear in mind that I am not referring to products containing coconut oil. I am talking about pure, unadulterated coconut oil. 

To see how I use it, please keep reading...

I would do a post later on how to make it, for those who want to make it at home. The one I used in Nigeria was home-made, but I got a new jar, which I have used it on my hair and skin for about 2 months without regrets (pictured above).

Coconut oil is very affordable, The KTC 100% pure coconut oil pictured above is the one I use. I got mine for about £2.60, so you don't need to worry about breaking bank.

Unlike oils like castor which though healthy, leave the hair a bit clumpy, coconut oil does not. Due to its thin nature, It spreads evenly through the hair, leaving it glossy and shiny.

It freezes in cold weather and becomes more liquid when the weather is warm

If you want one, send me a mail or comment and I'll point you in the right direction.

How I use my coconut oil...

1.  Dry and Flaky scalp
The weather could get dry sometimes, and your hair would be first to suffer. I simply apply to the roots of my hair when I have it in corn-rows or braids or any stle that bares my scalp. Furthermore, you can apply coconut oil as a part of your prepoo mix to remove dandruff.

2.  To get Shiny and frizz-free hair

Due to its very glossy nature, it's a good product to make your hair shine. I use it to revitalize old hair styles, especially if I have used a gel product. If your hair looks dull and frizzy, apply as a hair cream for a final shiny look.

3.  Finger detangle

Natural hair is kinky, and that's the neauty. This could be annoying sometimes, and if detangled wrongly could lead to hair breakage. To Detangle, I wet my hair and add some oil to help finger detangle my kinks.

4.  Hair styling

I think this is my personal favorite, as I have tried oils like Shea butter, but it sometimes leaves residue, especially when the weather is cold. I use it on my Bantu know, or flat twists as it helps lock in moisture and keeps the style in place. I simply apply to damp hair and start styling.

I use it as a moisturizer for hair (and skin too, but that's another story).
Get yours, try it, and leave a comment below.


  1. It looks like all these leave-in conditioners. Is it supposed to be 'oily' as it is called? I ask because I have pure homemade coconut oil 'oil', I used it for a while, but I observed my hair became too strong, so I stopped using it.

    1. Hi Dalu, it doesn't have a creamy conditioner-like texture, it's an oil so it's definitely oily. The weather in the UK is what makes it "freeze". The one I made in Nigeria freezes too once it's kept in the refrigerator.
      Also you said your hair became "too strong", I would like to ask if your hair is "chemically relaxed" or "natural". This is because coconut oil works better with African natural hair.
      Thanks for commenting, and visiting my blog... Loveeeee

  2. I love coconut oil.....I use it for my hair and face.

    1. Hi E. Jones, I love it too. I use it on my hair and skin, not my face though, cos I've got a really oily face... Lol. Thanks for viewing my blog. Loveeeeeee

    2. ok. noted. I can't remember if my hair was relaxed then cos I I wore the natural hair for about 7 months last year, so I can't say if it was relaxed when I used cocnut oil, but i'll definitely try it again. thanks.