Monday, August 24, 2015


Hi lovelies,

It's MOTIVATION MONDAY. it's a day that serves as a simple reminder of why you started, and why you shouldn't quit. Whether it's a job, a project, and assignment, weightloss journey or whatever. Just remember that every choice, every action, either takes you closer or further away from your goal. Remember to workout today, as it sets the pace for the rest of the week.

To join in this week's water challenge, please keep reading...

This week is a water week for us, it DOES NOT MEAN DRINK ONLY WATER AND GIVE UP FOOD, rather it MEANS DRINK A MINIMUM OF 3 liters EVERYDAY. The benefits for this water challenge are endless, but I'll only name a few:

1.  Helps with weightloss – I have to add that water is not some weightloss miracle. However it helps reduce food intake by filling up your tummy if taken before meals, reduces hunger,  raises your metabolism, and has absolutely no calories. Furthermore it is a great substitute for food that is eaten due to boredom (instead of eating when bored, drink water).

2.  Improves skin complexion and elasticity - Drinking water moisturizes your skin and keeps it smooth and glowing. It gets rid of skin breakouts(this is because it flushes out toxins from the body, some of which are responsible for these skin breakouts). It helps firm up your skin, as your skin cells need water to develop, and it reduces wrinkles. 

3.  Aids Digestion and gets rid of toxins - Its an age-old fact that water is very essential to digest your food. It also reduces constipation and gas from indigestion. Furthermore it flushes out waste through sweat and urination and is helpful in curing urinary tract infections.

These are my 3 basic reasons, others include : headache relief, boost in brain function, fuel for workout and so on. I hope I have given you enough reasons to join the water challenge week. Simply take a picture of you and your water glass or bottle and tag #BubzilleWaterWeek and mention me on Instagram.

Have a lovely week ahead.


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