Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hi lovelies,

I recently fell in love with Cauliflower, and it has made it to my list of "healthy staples". However before I continue gushing about cauliflower, I'll tell you what I call a healthy staple, and why they are a necessary for healthy living/weightloss.

Healthy staples are food stuff/groceries that are relatively low in calories, very filling, often plant-based, versatile, and often times take less time to prepare. They are useful because, they can be used to mimic the taste of your favorite foods for fewer calories, and they can be made into so many new recipes. They are handy for meal prepping, lazy cooking days, and are basically a save for a hungry stomach... Lol.

Anyway that being said, I will share some pictures of my Cauliflower recipes (I've made some more, but I forgot to take pictures though).  Please try more ways and be sure to share with us here at Bubzille. Happy viewing

Shrimp Jollof Cauli-Rice
Continue for more pic-spiration...

Green Fried Cauli-Rice and chicken

Sautéed Cauli-rice and chicken

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