Thursday, October 22, 2015

OKRA SOUP (Healthier Recipe)

Hi everyone,

I've been cooking, and I decided to share my food (in words) with you all. Today's recipe is a tweaked up version of the regular Nigerian Okra Soup. My reason for this recipe, is the frequent question people keep asking: "Do I have to stop eating our Nigerian food just to lose weight"? Well my answer is NO YOU DON'T. You just have to find a healthier way to eat some of the foods you love.

I made this with only 1tbsp of palm oil, and I loved every bit of it. The whole pot of soup is approximately 1148 calories, and it makes 4 healthy servings. I didn't take enough pictures, so please pardon me. Enough talk, lets get to cooking. To see how I made this, keep reading...

1. 2 small onions - 56 calories
2. 3 plum tomatoes - 66 calories
3. 4 small hot pepper - 36 calories
4. Okra (used about 30 pods) - 117calories
5. Palm oil (1 tbsp) - 120 calories
6. Chicken (as pictured) - 512 calories
7. Stockfish - (40g) - 136 calories
8. Garlic - 1tsp - 10 calories
9. Curry - 1tsp - 6 calories
10. Knorr cube - (3 singles) - 15calories
11. Spinach - 30 calories. You can use "ugwu" leaf.
12. 2 tbsp of crayfish - 44 calories

Please note that these calorie values are sourced from different websites, and may not be exact values. They should be treated as approximates

Total calorie count - Approx 1148 calories

How to prepare
First dice all vegetables.

1. Boil stockfish for 20minutes (or till slightly tender), then add the diced chicken with garlic, curry, 1 single cube seasoning, 2 hot peppers, 1 onions and salt to taste. Boil for another 30minutes and set aside.
2. In another pot, heat up the 1tbsp of palm oil, pour in the second diced onion, and fry till translucent. Pour in the tomatoes and 2 hot peppers ( I diced mine, but you can blend), 1single cube seasoning, and stir fry till dry.

3. Next pour in the meat and stockfish with stock. You can add additional water if your chicken stock isn't enough. Add the last single cube seasoning, salt and crayfish. Cover the pot to boil.
4. When the mixture is boiling, pour in the sliced/grated (I sliced mine) okra and stir. Cover the pot till it bubbles up.
5. Then pour in the spinach and stir. Do not cover to avoid over cooking the vegetables. Allow it boil, and once the pot starts bubbling up, bring it down, and turn the cooker off.
6. Soup is ready.

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