Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hi Lovelies,

I'm back from my break and I really wish I could tell you all about it. It was exciting, I went on a tour of London, saw loads of stuff, ate junk food, took selfies and basically lived. Anyway I'm back now, and I just discovered a low calorie alternative for rice recipes. I was skeptical when I first heard of it, but I have tried it twice now, and it has been awesome. It is CAULIFLOWER. 

First of all, I won't blame you if you wrinkle your nose at the name of this vegetable, because I did. I even got more wary when I saw it (btw it is not pretty). However I decided to try it out as a substitute for rice in a "tweaked" up fried rice recipe, and it blew my mind... Literally. Here's a pic of my first trial.

For rice lovers like me, who don't see the point of eating 5 tablespoons of rice per meal because of calorie counting, discovering this practically changed my "kitchen life". This is because it is very low in calories when compared to rice (about 3calories per floret), so you don't have to bother about calorie counting.

I should warn at this point, that if you are going to try this recipe out, and you expect it to taste exactly like rice, you WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. That being said, I I'll show you pictures of where I have used it twice, and it tasted really nice. So if you are ready, let's start cooking. 

The recipe I will be sharing in this post is slightly different from the picture above. This is my GREEN AND WHITE CHICKEN AND "RICE" RECIPE, and this is what your final food with this recipe will look like:

To see how I made this, keep reading...


5 medium sized Cauliflower Florets
1 big ball of onions
Cabbage (I only added this, because I have so much cabbage in the fridge. This is totally optional)
Spring onions
Cucumber (optional)
1 Chicken leg
1 tbsp of olive oil (or any healthy fat, pure oil)
Green Pepper
Preferred spice (I used garlic, Knorr cube, salt, pepper, coriander leaf, bay leaf, thyme)

1.   Cut the chicken leg into smaller pieces (enables quicker cooking time, and makes it easy to divide into meal prepping bowls). Season with garlic, onion, pepper, salt, cube seasoning, coriander, 1 or 2 bay leaves, curry, and thyme). It should go from :


3.  Boil spiced chicken till properly done.
4.  Slice each vegetable in whatever way you want (cubed, diced, string-like...lol)

5.  When the chicken is done, pour into a sieve, placed on a bowl to get the clear chicken stock.

6.  Pour the drained stock into a pot, pour in the green pepper, a spoon of sliced onions, spring onions, some hot pepper (for those who like pepper), and slow boil till the stock dries on the vegetables.
7.  Place a skillet/frying pan (preferably non-stick) on a lit cooker.
8.  Pour in the tbsp of oil, when it's hot, add the chopped onion, and season to taste (careful not to season so much, as we still have some spice in the chicken stock). Allow onion to turn slightly translucent.
9.  Pour in the cucumber (I like to dry mine, cos I don't want the juice in my "rice").
10. Next the cabbage, and the cauliflower rice. Stir until it turns slightly brown.
11. Finally pour in the vegetables that steamed in the chicken stock.
12. Stir and bring down from the cooker.
13. Serve and top with lettuce (optional)


This quantity gave me 3 servings, but you can split into 2 if you want.

This is a picture of my 3 servings, please bear in mind that the ones in the meal prep bowls have not been topped with lettuce, so they look smaller.