Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hi lovelies, 

Thank you for your emails and comments asking that i blog more than once a week, please note that i have taken your suggestions under advisement. Today's post is to showcase TRENDY DESIGNERS in the year 2016.

I have been receiving emails of people asking me to advertise their products on the  blog, and so far I have declined because I could not vouch for the authenticity of the products. However I have decided to showcase certain young and outstanding designers and their clothing lines on the blog. This is because I have seen some really good trendsetters and I have decided to lend the Blog as a platform to exhibit their work.  


Young fashion designers can send in their finished designs and a winner will be chosen on the first Friday of every month (beginning in the month of March). The winner stands to gain a FREE BLOG FEATURE PUBLICATION ON THEIR DESIGNS, and FREE ADVERTISEMENT ON THE BLOG FOR ONE MONTH. To enter for this draw, please keep reading...

Please note that entry is ABSOLUTELY FREE, and the winner will be selected on various criteria, such as creativity, style, outfit practicability, picture clarity,  and a whole other criteria which will be known to me.

Also note that if you are not chosen for a certain month, you can submit your entry for the next month.

To enter, simply send the following to

Minimum of 10 clear Pictures of your best finished designs (must include african designs)
A clear profile picture of yourself
A picture of you on the job
A brief biography on yourself
Contact details
Social media contact page (optional)

Terms and conditions include:
1.  Must be African
2.  All clothes submitted must be designed by you.
3.  Pictures must be very clear,  as blurred or unclear pictures will disqualify you.
4.  Fraudulent applicants/applications will not be published.

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