Friday, February 5, 2016


Hi lovelies,

It's Friday, and it's my first official blog day for the year. I am still trying out the one-day-a-week blogging experience, so please tell me if this method works for you.

This wig I made yet another wig, I'm using the term another, cos this is my 5th or 6th wig in all that I've made. With each wig I get better (in my, and so with this wig I decided to try a lace closure method. The reason I did this was because the hair used in creating this wig is synthetic hence I didn't wanna use a human hair closure on it (I consider that a waste), and also a human closure on a synthetic weave wouldn't blend, hence my synthetic lace closure. This is my first synthetic curly weave, and I decided to do this with synthetic hair so that I can use my scissors generously to change the hair shape as often as I want (it's no secret that I do not like to cut my human hair weaves often so I can reuse them). Anyway, I have made this wig, I haven't worn it though cos I'm still wearing my hair in kinky twist braids and so I haven't layered or done any scissors work on the wig.

This blog post is just to show you how I made the closure and the wig, and when I eventually install it, you can be sure that I will put up a post on the installation.
Enough talking, let's get to hair making. To see how I made this, please continue...

Things I used
1.   Lace (can be bought at your local beauty supply, tailoring or cloth store)
2.   Scissors
3.   Bond glue (a hot glue gun can also be used)
4.   Hair
5.   Masking tape (Thumb tacks are preferable though)
6.   Flat surface (table)
7.   Paper surface (I used this to protect my table from the glue, nylon can be used).

How I made the lace closure using the invisible part method.
1.   I placed the stretched lace on a paper on the table and attached with thumb tacks or masking tape at the perimeter of the lace. Please be sure to stretch the lace out. Then I measured and cut out a stretch of the weave in a U-shaped pattern.

2.  I applied the bond glue to this weft of hair and waited about 10-15seconds for the glue to dry, then I attached it to the lace.

3.   I repeated step 2 for another layer or 2 if you prefer to give the closure a well defined perimeter. 

4.   Next I measured and cut out about 1-2 inch hair wefts to begin the invisible part method. (I used this width because I wanted a full closure, you can use smaller widths if need be).

5.   I  cut out theses wefts and started glueing in batches of 5-7 (just to ensure that the glue starts to dry by the time I'm applying on the 5th or 7th hair). When using human hair, you can aid the drying with a flat tong. This hair is curly and synthetic, so I couldn't risk using a flat iron on it.

6.   Next I began attaching the hair, one layer over the other using the invisible part pattern. I began with one side, and when I was three-quarter way through I switched to the other side (please hold the hair weft firmly on the lace till it dries to avoid it pulling off).

7.   When I was done with both sides, It was time to make the final closure to seal the slit left open. I measured the width of the slit by going round it with the weave till it was covered then I cut the hair. 

8.   Next I unrolled the cut hair weft and applied the bond glue to it. I rolled it back to shape I had previously rolled it and held it firmly till the glue dried. 

9.   I parted the rolled hair after it had dried to reveal the centre of the closure.  Knowing that heat would spoil the weave I place 2 layers of paper to serve as protection for the hair and I placed a flat tong on the glued and parted middle for 1 second and removed it. I repeated this 1 second routine till the closure was firm and flat. Then I placed it into the slit left on the lace.

10. I left the closure to air dry.

The final result...

Things I used
1. Needle
2. Thread
3. Scissors
4. Spandex wig cap
5. Already made closure
6. Weave on
7. Already measured mannequin head

How I made it
1.  I placed the spandex cap on  the mannequin head

2.  I marked out the part for the closure.

3.  I turned the spandex cap inside out and sewed in one line of the weave around the perimeter of the cap (but not on the elastic band). I was sure to leave out the space intended for the closure.

4.  I turned the cap the right side on and sewed on the closure (i sewed on the perimeter weave, and removed the excess lace around it, but I left the lace in ).

5.   I sewed another line at the edge around the perimeter of the spandex cap (i did not sew on the elastic band).

6.   I began to sew from the base of the cap, and i moved upwards folding at the edges.

7.   I sewed till I formed a U pattern at the top of the spandex, and attached my last line to the perimeter weave of the closure.

That's how I made my closure and wig. Still working on uploading videos with a tablet. As soon as Google and I work that out, then I will upload a video tutorial. However if you need any clarity, you can ask in the comment box and I'll describe or put a 15 second video clip to answer your question on my instagram page.
Till my next post... Have fun, and Thank God It's Friday.
Love, Bubzille.


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