Friday, February 12, 2016


Hi lovelies,

Its another Friday, which means its time for a new post. I may do two posts today, as i have 2 major things i would like to share with you. The first is the ATHLEISURE TREND, and the second may come up later in the day.

Today we will be talking about the "ATHLEISURE TREND". Just before you start checking up your dictionaries, allow me to inform you that not only does this word not exist in the dictionary (at the time of this post), it was formulated by the world of fashion. While the word on its own may not make sense, it is coined from two words "ATHLETICS" and "LEISURE". This word is actually very descriptive, as it refers to outfits that can be worn both for sports, and leisure



The athleisure trend, though having been seen in snatches in the past, however has become more apparent in recent times. It ranges from designer leggings, to "somewhat" gym shoes to fancy "matching seperates" and all these can be worn both for sports and leisure. Recent designs show that this trend is here to stay, and it is my opinion that it could aid WEIGHTLOSS. Before you argue with me, i'll explain how.

One of the keys to weightloss is MOVEMENT. In order to lose weight effectively, you have to constantly move around, as this contributes to the number of steps you take per day. The more you move, the more calories you burn. The ATHLEISURE trend is not only made up of comfy clothes, it involves wearing athletic shoes too. Therefore, while going to the mall in slippers may be quite comfy, going in sneakers would enable you walk faster, more often, and you wont be quick to tire out and sit. Thereby burning more calories unknowingly.

Well for those not looking to lose weight, it's a super fun and cool way to look trendy and fit (yup it creates this illusion too), so allow me to inspire you to try out this trend. Whether it be cashmere gym sweaters, or sports shirts on kitten heels, get in on this trend and tag me in your pictures if i inspired you.


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