Friday, February 26, 2016


Hi lovelies,

It's another Friday, and i hope you've all had a great week since my last post. Today's post is about FITNESS TRENDS that promise more than they deliver.

A toned body can be very trendy, and very often it's easy to get carried away by infomercials, and products that are marketed by fit models in trendy workout clothes. It is important to note that the aim of most adverts is to sell products, so be wary about "magic ads and weightloss fads".

Today i will be giving my TOP 5 WORST FITNESS TRENDS (in no particular order) based on the experiences of people (myself included). Please note that this list is not intended to discredit any organisation or product, as it is an honest personal review of fitness trends.

To view this list, keep reading..


Losing weight in a chair, seems like a very good idea, especially when you're promised ridiculous amounts of calorie burn. There are chairs that promise to rock, slide, twist and vibrate fat from you, while you just sit there (probably texting or absentmindedly pressing your phone). I once sat in a chair that promised a 700 calorie burn in 30minutes, until i realised how funny that sounded, when compared to calories burned during intense swimming, running, jumprope etc. It should be noted that sitting is the direct reverse of calorie burn, so please get up from that chair and start moving.


A pill that burns calories, boosts metabolism, and makes you lose weight, while all you do is just swallow it sound hilarious. Most say you need to combine with exercise, well i say "exercise and a healthy diet works just fine without the pills". They are mostly expensive and yield negligible (if any) results. These pills contain certain unfriendly chemicals that may have long term, and they are often quite pricey. I think i would rather spend money on healthy whole foods and comfy running shoes. Whole foods have been proven to fight obesity, boost metabolism, burn fat, lose weight, and they are affordable, natural and tasty, without damaging effects, so please spend your money wisely.


Pole dancing used to be left for clubs and strip joints, well, apparently it has become a raging trend for young women who want to feel sexy while getting fit. It should be noted that I am not thrashing this trend, I am only reviewing it. That being said, I would add that it helps tone your body and build strength, but I still say it's not exactly worth it. The installation can be quite a hassle, especially in homes without space, and makeshift poles often come loose (trust me that's sooooooooo true). When you begin, your grip may be firm, but when you start sweating (which you may probably do) it could affect your grip and cause near fatal accidents and injuries. Hence i say, that while it may seem attractive, I would leave the pole dancing for the professionals with occupational insurance.


While a whole lot of celebrities claim to have lost weight through certain pills and products in general, I would go out on a limb and say it is often not the case. Majority of these celebrities have fitness teams, dieticians, nutritionist and medical surgeons who help them look the way they do, and often times they do not disclose these secrets and "lunch time procedures" to the public. They claim to use certain products because it is a part of their endorsement deals, which means they get paid to certify these products to their fans and the general public . Hence I personally steer clear of celebrity weightloss products, because the sole aim is to market the product for the company.


Before you crucify me and quote celebrities like the Kardashians and others, please refer to number 4 on this list. Let's leave the celebrity claims, and discuss the use of waist trainers to achieve weightloss, abdominal strength, firmness and muscles. Wearing waist trainers to look slimmer for an event is one thing, but saying it helps with weightloss is a different ball game. Fatloss is achieved by eating healthy and working out, and not necessarily by waist cinching. There is a lack of evidence that proves that waist trainers reshape the body or trigger weightloss. Infact there are claims that waist trainers actually decrease core strength, and that is the opposite of what you need if you are aiming for firm abdominal muscles. While wearing them will give the appearance of an hourglass figure, there is no evidence of a permanent effect when you take them off. Wearing them may give the illusion of weightloss, and when you take them off, you look like you have gained weight. This is the reason why most people fall into the unhealthy habit of wearing them for 24 hours. In my opinion, it is a good example of people being more worried about looks than good health, and therefore is not worth it.

I would simply end this by adding that "If there is no WORK involved, it is not a WORKOUT". The right way to "staying" in shape is to exercise, eat healthy, and drink a lot of water. Keep moving, join an activity, it may be difficult at first, but you will feel better once you start seeing results.

Till my next post, stay healthy, fit and fashionable.


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