Monday, April 4, 2016


Hello lovelies,

This week we are all about dropping 1kg. For some people, this is just the minimum weight that you can lose while on this programme, meaning you can lose more than 1kg, while others (like me) will lose just 1kg and that's fine. This is because our bodies react very differently to weight loss strategies. Anyway, this is a meal plan guide and routines for this week below. Be sure to weigh yourself before you begin today, and on the 8th day (Monday 11th April). Please note that all calorie values (burnt or eaten) are only approximate guides, as they depend on diverse factors.

The key to this plan is to create a calorie deficit of 1100 calories daily. This is because 7700 calories make up 1kg. Therefore 1100 calories lost over a period of 7 days will create a 1kg weight-loss. This deficit will be achieved with both the diet and exercise. For women, we will aim to eat at least 1200 calories daily and burn 600 calories with exercise, while men will aim to eat 1400 calories and burn 800 calories by exercise. This is just a suggestion and not a rule, so feel free to tweak it up to get your 1100 calorie-deficit daily. Keep reading to get your FREE 7 day meal plan guide and workout routines...

The last day is like a detox day, to make sure you're ready for the weighing scale on Monday. This is crucial to get rid of bloating and ensure good digestion in order for your real weight to show up on the weighing scale.

Disclaimer: The following information is not a doctor/dietician or any medical personnel's advice. Please consult a doctor before you begin, as Bubzille Classics is not liable for any issues resulting as a result of this programme.