Monday, April 18, 2016


First I would like to apologise for not uploading a post on Friday, and congratulate all those who completed the ZERO FLOUR ZERO SUGAR CHALLENGE. I didn't necessarily lose kilograms, but I feel slimmer around my stomachouse region. I have no bloating and my sleep pattern has become very regular. If you experienced any changes, please be sure to send your feedback via email.

This week, we would be having the VEGAN DINNER challenge. It's simply eating plant based dinners for 7 days, to see how you feel, and how your body reacts. These dinners could range from simple fruits and vegetables to whole meals without any animal based substance. I may put up some pictures of my meals here and on my Instagram page to serve as a Meal inspiration.
Be sure to try this out. Till my next post, stay healthy, fit and fashionable.

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